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50+ Teams. 17 Different Sports. 60% Student Body Participation.

Worcester Academy boasts a proud and rich athletic tradition and we’ve had more than our share of NEPSAC champions. And Why Not?

Our outstanding coaches, operating in top-notch facilities, always encourage their students to work to their full potential.

But both our coaches and our players understand that there is much, much more to be learned from athletic competition than the simple joy of victory. Our student-athletes build camaraderie, develop strategies for competition, and learn valuable lessons about achieving goals. We build character through participation and forge leaders through competition.

Worcester Academy is a member of the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) and competes against the top tier of New England prep schools with rivalries dating back more than a hundred years. The Worcester Academy Athletic Association was founded in 1885 and along with many other Eastern boarding schools, helped pioneer the growth of athletic competition in the United States.

We are called The Hilltoppers because of our Union Hill location and our mascot is The Ram because of our love for that Hilltop.

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  • Middle School Athletics

    Cross Country (Co-ed)
    Field Hockey (G)
    Football (B)
    Soccer (B,G)

    Basketball (B,G)
    Swimming (Co-ed)
    Wrestling (B)

    Baseball (B)
    Softball (G)
    Lacrosse (B,G)
    Track (Co-ed)
    Tennis (Co-ed)

    Key: B = Boys, G = Girls
  • Upper School Athletics

    Cross-Country (B, G)
    Field Hockey (JV, V)
    Football (JV, V)
    Soccer (BJV, BV, GJV,GV)
    Volleyball (JV, V)

    Basketball (BFr ,BJV, BV, GJV, GV)
    Ice Hockey (B, G)
    Skiing (Co-ed)
    Swimming (JV, V)
    Wrestling (JV, V)

    Baseball (JV, V)
    Crew (Co-ed)
    Lacrosse (BJV, BV, GJV, GV)
    Softball (JV, V)
    Tennis (B, G)
    Golf (Co-ed)
    Track (B, G)

    Key: B = Boys, G = Girls, Fr = Freshman, JV = Junior Varsity, V = Varsity

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