Center for Learning

Worcester Academy's Center for Learning (CFL) is designed to offer academic support for Upper School students with documented learning needs. The CFL provides:
  • Targeted, strategic instruction, based on the student's specific learning needs, to foster success and independence.
  • Individualized support for students who struggle in areas such as time management, organization, note taking, reading comprehension, writing, study skills, and test taking due to documented learning issues.
There is an additional fee for CFL services. This fee depends upon the number of sessions required (as determined by the director of CFL) and includes one-to-one support as well as the following where applicable:
  • A comprehensive learning profile that identifies strengths and weaknesses as described by the student’s formal educational evaluation. 
  • Regular consultation with teachers to ensure complete understanding of each individual learning profile.
  • Collaboration between learning specialists and classroom teachers to implement recommended strategies.
  • Support with assistive technologies, including access to digital text when available.
  • Timely communication with parents/guardians, including formal progress reports.
  • Coordination of in-class test taking accommodations as well as application for these accommodations to the College Board and ACT when appropriate.

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  • CFL Schedule of Fees

    Fees for the CFL are based on the number of sessions per rotation to which students are assigned and are in addition to the tuition stated in our enrollment contract. Any changes to a student’s CFL level, including discontinuing CFL support, is handled on a case-by-case basis and is always made in consultation with the CFL Director.

    2 x half block per rotation $1,800
    3 x half block per rotation $3,500
    4 x half block per rotation $5,400
    3 x full block per rotation $7,000
    4 x full block per rotation $10,500
    *The typical Upper School academic block length is 70 minutes. This is subject to change prior to the start of the new academic year.  Please confirm the current academic block length with the Upper School Office.

    The CFL fee will be included in each CFL student’s enrollment contract. Billing and payment will depend on which PLAN the family has chosen for the year – single payment, four installments, or a 10-month installment plan.

    While Worcester Academy makes every effort to reschedule a missed session, there will be no refunds for any session missed, whatever the reason (including those missed for snow days, delayed starts, special schedules, and/or illness of student or learning specialist).
  • CFL Enrollment Requirements

    Enrollment in the CFL is dependent upon receipt of a current (within three years) neuropsychological or psycho-educational evaluation that documents the need for academic support. IEPs, CAPs and 504 plans are not considered adequate without the supporting documentation that includes the results of the official evaluations. The director of the CFL determines final approval for services.

    Worcester Academy reserves the right to use student evaluations only as informational tools and does not guarantee the implementation of all recommendations and accommodations as specified in a student’s evaluation and/or IEP/CAP/504 plan. The CFL will implement only those recommendations that are deemed reasonable within our academic program.
  • CFL Schedules

    Our CFL students are scheduled for sessions during their free periods within the academic day. The Director of CFL determines the number of sessions required based on the results of educational testing and the student’s progress in school. Once a student is assigned to a learning specialist, they are responsible for their attendance, as working in the CFL is considered an academic commitment. We expect CFL students to work toward needing less support as they progress.
  • Special Schedules, Snow Days, and Other Disruptions

    Due to special schedules, snow days, and other disruptions to the regular academic schedule in a given year, a student will have an average of 1, 2, or 3 sessions each week. There will be some weeks of school that require an altered schedule, which may not allow for all sessions to meet.

    If a student misses a session for a valid reason and has given the CFL 24 hours notice, then every effort will be made to make up the time. If the session cannot be rescheduled within the current week due to an altered school schedule, or due to an extended absence from school, there will be no refund for missed or cancelled sessions. If a student misses a session without a valid excuse, the absence will be treated the same as an academic absence.