Equity and Inclusion

We’re a world-class school preparing world-ready graduates. To do it right, the Academy must be an environment that revels in and learns from our many differences. In truth, we are a microcosm of the world. We’re committed to our multicultural learning community and fully embrace our diverse and multi-talented student body.

Our diversity includes, but is not limited to, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, family structure, socio-economic status, and/or ability. No matter who you are, when you’re a Hilltopper, you’re part of our family.


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  • Student Organizations

    • With affinity groups already on campus such as Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), African, Latino, Asian, Native American (ALANA), Student Activists and Allies, Adopted Students Group, and The Green Team, your particular piece of our multicultural puzzle will fit right in! 
    • Every year, our students participate in the National Student Diversity Leadership Conference as well as regional conferences. 
    • This year, WA is proud to host the AISNE High School Students of Color Conference.
  • Professional Development

    Equity and inclusion are an on-going journey, and our faculty walks that path right along with our students. Faculty programs keep our teachers ever mindful and proud of our campus mosaic. Each year, several members of the WA faculty attend the Multicultural Teaching Institute, where they learn how to develop engaging multicultural lessons within the curriculum and they gain a deeper understanding of personal limitations and implicit biases.
  • Parent & Family Programs

    • Our Parent Diversity Committee comes together regularly to discuss issues surrounding inclusion. 
    • Our Heritage Dinner warms your heart and stomach each year with scrumptious dishes from just about everywhere around the world – all represented in our student body tapestry.
It's important that our students see themselves in the curriculum, that they learn about people with backgrounds similar to their own. It's also important that students learn about people who are different from them. We like to think of literature as both a window and mirror. We can learn about the experiences of others through the windows reading provides, and we can learn more about ourselves and see ourselves as we are through the mirrors reading provides.

English Department Chair