Middle School

Middle School is pivotal. Elementary school has given you the basics and now you’re ready to truly explore. What subjects grab your interest? How do you learn best? What skills and attitudes will you take with you into high school and beyond?

Our experienced Middle School faculty and staff execute a well-crafted, honed program that sets our middlers on a path to success. We focus on: 

Rigorous academics focus on building those six crucial skills of a lifelong learner: communication, creative and critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, collaboration, cultural competency, and global connection. 

Engaging athletics, clubs, trips, and activities keep our young Hilltoppers interested and involved. 

Our core values of Honor, Respect, Community, Personal Growth, and Challenge, combined with a good measure of community outreach, bestow a sense of purpose. 

Everything you need to take that next step toward your future.

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  • Middle School Curriculum

    An enviable 7:1 student-teacher ratio puts our faculty in a unique position to understand each child’s learning style and allows our students to follow paths that excite them.

    Our project-based approach means we study topics in-depth. Collaborative projects, field trips, speakers, and online resources all combine to take our learners beyond their textbooks and into a space where they not only master core content but also gain valuable insight into how they learn.

    And it’s never boring! Term-long electives ranging from band and chorus to puppetry and photography keep things interesting and spark new passions.
  • Beyond the Classroom

    We field 14 Middle School athletic teams. We offer more than 10 after-school clubs ranging from Programming to Sailing to Ultimate Frisbee.

    Our project-based learning takes us out of the classroom for research and real world studies such as our New York City Outward Bound Trip6th grade Arts Café, and 8th Grade Market Project.

    Hilltoppers don’t sit still!
  • Student Support

    Every WA middler is part of a close-knit advisory group that meets weekly with their faculty advisor to discuss goal setting, to ponder current events as they relate to WA’s core values, and to strengthen our Worcester Academy “family.”

    Our Hilltoppers know that their faculty advisors are there to help them navigate the best possible path through middle school.

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