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It’s a tall order, but as an organization that has successfully managed a school-wide 1x1 laptop program for over 10 years, we’re up to the challenge.

Our IT department supports equitable access for all students and faculty to the hardware and software necessary to prepare students for an ever-changing digital, global economy. With a plethora of technology tools at our disposal, we also ensure and support student data privacy and maintain security systems for the entire Worcester Academy community.

Despite the omnipresence of technology on the Hilltop, it actually plays only a supporting role in each classroom. We see technology as a tool that supports teaching and learning and prepares our students to answer tough questions and solve complex problems. Our classrooms support the philosophy of active, purposeful use of technology. Our students don’t just consume what’s on a screen. They create, design, and author their own learning.

Worcester Academy students are not just prepared to use technology because it’s available, but rather, learn to use the best resource available to solve the right problems.

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  • Middle School iPad Program

    The Middle School iPad program launched in 2015 and has been a great success. With iPads, students have increased access to dynamic, customized materials while the portability of the devices means students always have class materials at school, at home, and on the go. With a myriad of apps available to students, the possibilities for creating and engaging with content are endless.
    Examples of how iPads are being used middle school classrooms include:

    • Students create videos using Educreations demonstrating mastery of math concepts
    • Students produce books using Book Creator to teach classmates about the elements of digital citizenship
    • Students use ArtStudio to draw the movement of tectonic plates
    • Students collaborate with each other and their teachers on writing projects using Google Docs
    • Students take handwritten digital notes and annotate documents digitally
  • Upper School Laptop Program

    All 9th through 12th grade and postgraduate students are issued laptops for their high school years. From using library databases for research projects to collaborating with classmates using Google apps, Worcester Academy Upper School students are engaging in problem solving, critical thinking, and digital literacy skills daily both online and off.

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    Director of Technology
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    Network Administrator
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  • Christophe Masumbuko 

    Hardware/Software Administrator
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