Admission FAQ

List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • What is Worcester Academy's academic philosophy?

    Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity,  These are the four C’s of contemporary learning and the essential skills that our students must master  to succeed in a 21st century world.
  • Do all WA students go on to college?

    Virtually all Worcester Academy graduates continue on to study at the college/university level. In the last few years, WA students have matriculated at more than 150 outstanding colleges and universities, which reflect the range of interests and talents of Worcester Academy graduates. To see the list of schools that recent WA graduates have attended, please refer to the college matriculation list.
  • What is the average class size at Worcester Academy?

    We like to keep classes as small as possible to promote student participation and to allow our faculty to really get to know each student. While class size varies a bit most classes consist of between 13 and 15 students.
  • How available are Worcester Academy faculty members to their students?

    A hallmark of Worcester Academy's academic program is a close working relationship between students and faculty. WA teachers are eager to ensure that their students do well in their classes, and their efforts go beyond the class time each day. Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday the WA daily academic schedule includes a 45-minute extra help period, during which time the WA faculty are in their classrooms and available to help students who seek additional support and guidance in their coursework. In addition, more than 25 WA faculty members live on campus, and there is a tutoring program that offers extra support to boarding students at night.
  • How can I get a better understanding of Worcester Academy?

    There are many ways to learn more about Worcester Academy. We suggest you spend some time exploring our site, come to one of our Open Houses, request an admission packet and application materials, and visit us in person to tour the campus and meet with a member of the WA Admission Office. You may also come to spend a day on campus with a current student. A wonderful resource for those exploring Worcester Academy is current students and families, and we encourage you to speak with any current students or parents who you may be acquainted with.

    Another way to get a better sense of Worcester Academy is to attend a Worcester Academy event such as a theatrical production or music recital, or an athletic contest – you may learn more about upcoming events by looking at our calendar of upcoming events. If you would like to speak with a particular faculty member or program coordinator at WA, please contact the Admission Office and we will coordinate getting someone in touch with you.
  • When can a student come to Worcester Academy for a campus visit and interview?

    Appointments to visit Worcester Academy for a tour and interview are scheduled from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Please contact the Admission Office at 508-459-5841 to schedule a time to come in for a visit.
  • Can a prospective student spend a day at Worcester Academy?

    Yes, we encourage prospective students to spend a day with a current student to get a better sense of the school. A day visit may be scheduled after a student has had an interview with a member of the WA Admission Office by contacting us at 508-459-5841.
  • What are the primary factors considered in reviewing applicants for admission?

    There are essentially three primary factors considered in the Worcester Academy admission process: (1) the student applicant's academic ability, preparation, and potential for future success; (2) the applicant's special interests and talents, and the prospects for the applicant contributing to Worcester Academy's many extracurricular activities; and (3) the applicant's strength of character and enthusiasm for school and learning.

    An applicant's academic ability, preparation, and potential are assessed by review of the student's academic record/transcript and the two teacher recommendations submitted on the applicant's behalf. These materials are supplemented by the performance on the WA admission test or other required standardized test, which in most cases is consistent with the student's academic achievement in school to date. The applicant's special interests and talents are reflected in the information contained in the Application for Admission, and are better understood by what is learned through the interview.
  • How important are standardized test scores in the admission process?

    While an applicant's admission test scores (or other standardized test scores) do offer additional information about a student's academic ability and potential, they are only a part of the information we gather to better understand a student's academic profile. An applicant's past academic record and the teacher recommendations are more important considerations to the review. WA Admission Committee always thoroughly review a student's entire application file in considering whether Worcester Academy will be a good fit for the student, and no one piece of information is determinative.
  • What do I do if I have questions along the way?

    We encourage students and families to contact the Admission Office at 508-459-5841 or any time there are questions along the way. We look forward to helping you better understand Worcester Academy and the admission process.