Sustainability is a profound concept with multiple dimensions and with complex socio-techno-ecological linkages across time and space.

There is international consensus that social development and biospheric systems are to be sustained indefinitely. In its most formal definition, sustainable development meets the needs of current generations without compromising the capacity of future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainability also involves asking the question of how personal health, dignity, and well-being and contingent diverse cultures and heritages are understood, respected, and enabled into a flourishing future.

Sustainability at Worcester Academy engages the community through examining the means by which our lives today are informed, empowered, and enriched through the cross sections of these posits.

Developing a culture of sustainability at Worcester Academy is essential to instilling the knowledge, habits, and values that will empower students to lead informed, engaged and responsible lives as global citizens.

The school's core values and mission and sustainability are inextricable. And through its Strategic Plan, Worcester Academy has committed to integrating the concept and best practices of sustainability into its curriculum and campus operations.

By creating a "living laboratory" campus that reflects, enables, and embodies our curriculum, values, and mission Worcester Academy strives to engender the dynamic  critical thinking skills,  sense of place, creative capacities, and civic stewardship needed to both address real word problems and to envision and contribute to the formation of sustainable societies.

Sustainable Food Committee

Based on a student leadership group initiative of the environmental club in the spring of 2010, Worcester Academy's core values, and the strategic plan mandate for Worcester Academy to become a leader in environmental sustainability practice, a Sustainable Food Committee was formed in the fall of 2010 and tasked with following standard sustainability assessment rubrics in managing, facilitating, and informing all community members of
  • Where the school's food is being sourced from
  • How that food is being grown, raised, slaughtered, processed and transported
  • The quality of the food
  • School food culture

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Sustainability and Strategic Plan

Goal 2: By 2014, a Worcester Academy education will be leading edge, set apart by its relevance, commitment to leadership and engagement within and beyond the classroom.

     Strategy 5: Equip Worcester Academy to lead in adaptation and implementation of environmental sustainability practices.
Initiative 1: Begin the execution of a carbon neutrality plan that will result in reducing the Academy's carbon footprint by 30% within 5 years.
Initiative 2: Integrate sustainability into our program and curriculum
Goal 3: By 2014, Worcester Academy will assess, support, and sustain its community and educational programs through exemplary institutional systems and practices.

Strategy 4:
Build on the strength of the existing long-range financial plan to ensure Worcester Academy's long-term financial sustainability.
Initiative 2: Develop conservation measures to help control energy and other costs. Explore solar and wind applications as funds become available. Conversion of oil boilers to gas
     Strategy 6: Develop and adopt a school-wide plan for environmental responsibility and civic engagement.
Initiative 4: Integrate sustainability into the fabric of the school with involvement across the community by fostering values that are in line with sustainability practices, increasing professional development, hosting a regional conference and integrating sustainability into the overall Academy program
Initiative 5: Form Environmental Quality Task Force to research and address the Academy's desire to create an environment that is restorative, healthy, productive and sustainable.
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