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Through our inter-scholastic offerings student-athletes build camaraderie, develop strategies for competition, and learn valuable lessons about achieving goals. Individual programs focus on providing all with a positive experience in sport as we seek to build character, forge leaders and promote citizenship and sportsmanship through participation and competition.

The range of athletic offerings at Worcester Academy is extensive as we field over 50 teams and 17 different sports throughout the year at the Middle School and Upper School levels. Nearly 60% of our students participate in one of our programs and all are encouraged to pursue excellence.

Worcester Academy has a proud, rich athletic tradition. Through the years, WA has won a number of team and individual championships in the New England Prep School Athletic Conference (NEPSAC). Students are encouraged to reach their full potential by working with outstanding coaches and competing in top-notch facilities. While our teams always strive to win, the Academy’s coaches and players understand there is more to be learned from athletic competition than the simple joy of victory!
“Worcester Academy was a special time; I only spent one year there. My dad always said it was the best money he ever spent. It was a great experience. Those guys inspired me to get into the coaching profession, so I’m very lucky to have two of them on my staff right now.’’
Joe Philbin, Former Miami Dolphins Head Coach

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Team Sports (By Season)

Middle School Athletic Offerings
Cross Country Basketball (B,G) Baseball
Field Hockey Swimming Softball
Football Wrestling Lacrosse (B,G)
Soccer (B,G) Track
Key: B = Boys, G = Girls

Upper School Athletic Offerings
Cross-Country (B,G) Basketball (BFr,BJV,BV,GJV,GV) Baseball (JV,V)
Field Hockey (JV,V) Ice Hockey (B,G) Crew (Co-Ed)
Football (JV, V) Skiing (Co-ed) Lacrosse (BJV,BV,GJV,GV)
Soccer (BJV,BV,GJV,GV) Swimming (JV,V) Softball (JV,V)
Volleyball (JV, V) Wrestling (JV,V) Tennis (B,G)
Golf (Co-ed)
Track (B,G)
Key: B = Boys, G = Girls, Fr = Freshman, JV = Junior Varsity, V = Varsity
WORCESTER ACADEMY® is a co-ed day and boarding school for grades 6 to 12 and postgraduates. Our urban setting, diverse community, and innovative curriculum provide each student with unique opportunities for self-discovery, academic achievement, and personal empowerment.

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