Art is all around us – in every possible medium, through every minute of every day. Whether it’s a Rembrandt or a thoughtfully designed kitchen tool, a Rodgers & Hammerstein musical or an excellent public speaker, Pavarotti or Pink, – it’s all Art and through our carefully planned Arts Curriculum, your child will understand it all.

Grade 6: Laying the Foundation

Our youngest students begin their art exploration with an integrated program that incorporates all three Arts disciplines with their academic studies. Their yearlong curriculum, which culminates in our signature Arts Café program, encompasses:

  • Music – Emphasizing the ensemble experience, students are introduced to a variety of musical genres with close attention paid to the specific year’s Arts Café theme. Students also work on staging a song presentation in a foreign language.
  • Theater Arts – Focusing on the historical roots of Theater, students will explore The Mask and its importance within performance tradition. Using the specific year’s Arts Café theme (examples: Theater of Ancient Greece, Italy’s Commedia Dell’Arte), students will build their own masks, learn to act as a character through the Mask, and present in improvised scenes.
  • Visual Arts – With a theme of “Art as a Global Pursuit”, students will embark on an Art History study that supports both their Grade 6 social studies curriculum and the year’s Arts Café theme.
  • Arts Café – Our signature interdisciplinary program integrates Arts, Math, Science, Geography and English with real world entrepreneurial skills. Students research a specific world culture and, using elements from all of their studies, create a working restaurant. Budget, menu, recipes, décor, advertisement, music, acting in Café roles etc., are all elements of study within Arts Café. Recent themes have included Ancient Greece and The Italian Renaissance.

Grade 7: Applying Technique

Grade 7 continues with all three disciplines as part of each student’s core, but moves them on to more technical pursuits within each Arts discipline:

  • Music - Students pursue a historic overview of music while exploring their own talents in tone and timing through Bell Choir.
  • Visual Arts - An introduction to elements of design instructs our students in the basics of formal, applied, atmospheric perspective. Studying the four major styles of Art, a Grade 7 sample project might be to create a self portrait in the style of Vincent van Gogh. Always interdisciplinary, our Grade 7 artists also tie their lessons in to their American Studies curriculum. How about a collage project inspired by the artists of the Harlem Renaissance?
  • Theater Arts - Grade 7 theater focuses on ‘making the scene”. Students learn to understand dramatic conflict, create improvised scenes, and are introduced to the elements of scene study: script analysis, blocking, and technical theater terms.

Grade 8: Finding Your Niche

With the basics covered, Grade 8 students now have the opportunity to go deeper into the areas that interest them most.  They may choose to focus on Music, Visual Art, and/or Theater each semester for the year.

  • Music – Grade 8 music students all learn basic piano and study the role of varied instruments and voices in a small performance ensemble.
  • Visual Arts – A more advanced, long term program, our Grade 8 visual artists focus on creative problem solving through various artistic units. Examples: Illustrated Quotes in Calligraphy, Papier Mache Animal Sculptures, Fabric Collage.
  • Theater Arts – Grade 8 Drama focuses on building a Play. Students study the art of ‘play building” by creating a one-act play through improvisation, and then study the art of “workshop” by producing a scripted one-act play.
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