• Residential Boarding - The Best of Both Worlds

5-Day Boarding - The Best of Both Worlds

We hear you. You want all of the extra benefits of boarding – the access to faculty tutoring, the camaraderie, the time to study and meet those high expectations – but you don’t live too far away, and, honestly, you’d rather see more of your friends and family. 5-Day Boarding may be the right choice for you. As a 5-day residential student, your Worcester Academy week begins on Sunday evening and ends on Friday afternoon at the conclusion of your extracurricular activities. Then it’s home for the weekend! This flexible boarding option gives you the time you need to dedicate yourself to your studies and activities, but gives you the flexibility to keep those friendships and family relationships active and strong. We know you have big plans. 5-Day Boarding is a great way to achieve them. Truly, the best of both worlds.

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How it Works

As a 5-Day Boarder, you’ll arrive on campus every Sunday evening between 5:30PM and 7:30PM, just in time for structured study time and library tutoring. For the next five days, along with your WA friends, you’ll be immersed in a schedule specifically designed for your academic success. There’s no need to worry about meal preparation, study time, sleep habits or social schedules. All of this will be taken care of as part of your campus routine. Friday afternoon brings an end to your week on the Hilltop and it’s home to family and friends.


Structured Study
  • As a 5-Day Boarder you’ll benefit from our required 2-hour evening study hall. This means you’ll have additional access to our faculty who live right here on campus. Whether you’re in the library or in the dorm, seeking homework help from your teachers or your peers is easy (and, let’s face it, takes the stress off your parents who may not be as familiar with the material you’re covering.)
  • Evening Study Hall gives you an environment that is relatively free from the distractions of home (siblings, TV, phone, video games, etc.).
  • Boarding allows you to develop independence, personal responsibility, and the ability to live in a community with a diverse group of people. These are all skills that are crucial to success in college and beyond.
  • As a 5-day boarder you’ll develop close, lasting relationships with fellow students and faculty members that will last a lifetime. It’s a safe, supportive environment designed to help you develop into the person you want to be: confident, well informed, and respectful of others.
Commute Time = Real Time
  • Optimal learning requires optimal sleep! 5-Day Boarders avoid the commute time and can set their alarms for a bit later in the AM.
  • You and your parents are juggling careers, school and activities. As a 5-day boarder you’ll all avoid the challenges of the morning/evening commute and the evening meal prep – all tricky business with hectic schedules.
Tech Support
  • Across campus and in dorms, we supply wireless printing and Internet. Tech support is off your parents’ shoulders – but they’re always only a Skype call away! 
"I like being a 5-day boarder because I get the benefits of living with friends and having teachers there to help me in evening study hall. Then I get to go home on the weekends and see my family and catch up with friends."
-Justin M. '11, Proctor
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