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    Learn about Worcester Academy's academic requirements, course selection policy and procedure, and course offerings for the 2017-2018 academic year.
    (Current as of 3/27/2017)

Upper School Curriculum

Worcester Academy offers a rigorous and comprehensive college preparatory curriculum, including 19 Honors Courses, 21 Advanced Placement and 3 College Level Courses beyond the AP Level courses, for which there is a strict set of prerequisites, across all disciplines. Students generally take 4 to 6 major academic classes during any given semester, and they may enroll in as many Honors or Advanced Placement courses as they are qualified to take. Ninth and tenth graders take a non-credit Health and Wellness course that meets throughout the year. For International students who are still developing their English language skills, there are EFL options in the English and History and Social Sciences departments.  A departmental course listing appears below. Worcester Academy operates on a semester academic calendar.
WORCESTER ACADEMY® is a co-ed day and boarding school for grades 6 to 12 and postgraduates. Our urban setting, diverse community, and innovative curriculum provide each student with unique opportunities for self-discovery, academic achievement, and personal empowerment.

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