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Worcester Academy endeavors to help each student meet his or her full potential. Through our mission statement and core value statements, we are implicitly promising prospective and current parents and students a certain end product. In order to fulfill that obligation, we have the following support system in place:

Dean System
Class deans and the PG program coordinator are responsible for oversight of all students in their grade level. Each class dean and the PG program coordinator oversees the academic, extracurricular, and overall well being of the students in their class. They work closely with advisors, coaches, the Dean of Students, the Upper School Director, and the Health Team as well as with parents to ensure that all students in their grade level meet their responsibilities and are thriving across the board. Deans meet regularly with their grade level student leaders to plan class activities, fund raisers, and class trips.

Advisor System
Each student is assigned an advisor who is responsible for monitoring the student’s progress at Worcester Academy, both in and out of the classroom. The advisor works to understand the needs and aspirations of each student and their parents and to help the student fulfill his or her potential. The advisor is a valuable resource to each student in every respect, helping the student with goal setting and course selection and is available as a source of advocacy and support should the student encounter problems of any sort. The advisor helps the student to gain greater self-knowledge and confidence as well as teaches them to be better advocates for themselves.

Study Hall
Most students take 5 or 6 classes each semester which allows for a free period in the academic day. Students can be assigned to a study hall by their class dean or the PG program coordinator during that free period to give students a structured time to catch up on work, make up tests or quizzes, or get extra help. Study halls are monitored by the staff in the Center for Learning.

Health Team
The health team is comprised of nursing staff, health counselors, class-level deans, the Director of the Upper School, the Dean of Students, the Director of ResLife, the chairperson of the Health & Wellness department. They meet on a regular basis to discuss students of concern and develop programming and initiatives to further the well-being of the Worcester Academy community.
WORCESTER ACADEMY® is a co-ed day and boarding school for grades 6 to 12 and postgraduates. Our urban setting, diverse community, and innovative curriculum provide each student with unique opportunities for self-discovery, academic achievement, and personal empowerment.

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