Leadership requires vision and purpose, an ability to communicate, dedication, discipline, and follow through, but it also requires the ability to work as part of a team, being open to new ideas, a willingness to cede center stage to someone else and perhaps, most importantly, a spirit of fun and adventure. And it’s all here at Worcester Academy whether up front or behind the scenes. In the classroom. On the stage. On the playing field. There truly is no end to what our students can be. 

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A student leader is . . .
a model citizen who embraces and embodies the mission and values of the school
a person who upholds school rules
a person who models exemplary behavior

Worcester Academy has a variety of opportunities for students to be involved in student leadership; primarily, the Board of Monitors, Class Officers, Dorm Proctors, Head Ambassadors, Varsity Club Officers, Pillars Peer Educators, and the Residential Student Association. Besides the specific responsibilities of these groups, the Board of Monitors, Class Officers, and Dorm Proctors work together on four committees that address major concerns of student life: community service, day-boarding connectedness, student activities, and special events.

Board of Monitors
Monitors embody the highest level of student leadership in the school. The Board of Monitors, founded in 1886, consists of conscientious and dedicated students who serve the Academy Community and uphold its traditions. During the academic day, the Board has been working closely with students and faculty to ensure the proper ordering of Academy life. Elected offices include Head Monitor, Second Monitor, Sergeant at Arms, Master Prefect, Treasurer, Oversight Monitor, and International Monitor.

Class Officers
Student leadership involves the various student officers who work closely with their Class Dean to foster community amongst their classmates. Class officers provide vital leadership throughout the year by running weekly class meetings, organizing events and activities, and planning fund-raisers that promote class unity which is essential to the success of the Academy. Elections are organized by the Board of Monitors. Elected offices include: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Dorm Proctors
Proctors are student leaders within the residential boarding community. Three or four per dorm are chosen through a competitive process and must be considered leaders for their scholarship and citizenship within the framework of the broader school community. Proctors are assigned to specific dormitories and work with both students and faculty to create an effective living environment with clear channels of communication between boarders and the residential faculty. Proctors also work closely with the Board of Monitors, Pillars, and the Residential Student Association to discuss general student issues and concerns.

Head Ambassadors
Head Ambassadors, through the Admission Office, play an important role in welcoming and orienting prospective students and families to the Worcester Academy community and representing the Academy at special events and functions. They also have the responsibility of helping organize and run the Ambassador Program.

Pillars Peer Educators
The Pillars Peer Educator program was built upon the foundation of Worcester Academy’s mission statement and core values of Honor, Respect, Community, Personal Growth, and Challenge. Pillars Peer Educators teach their peers in education forums including grades 9 and 10 Health and Wellness classes, class meetings, advisory periods, assembly, and other school-wide events. Pillars also play a significant role in the new student Orientation Program in order to support a smooth transition into the Worcester Academy community.

Varsity Club Officers
Elected Varsity Club officers work closely with the Director of Athletics each year and support various Athletic functions including the Annual Blood Drive and the Varsity Club Dinner.  All Varsity letter winners from the rising junior class are eligible to be elected and all returning letter-winners are eligible to vote.

Residential Student Association

The RSA (the Residential Student Association) consists of a group of students chosen by their fellow boarders to be a conduit between the students and adults in the boarding community. They meet regularly with the Director of Residential Life to propose, plan and develop initiatives, outings and other activities that foster unity within the reslife community.

Other Leadership Opportunities
Besides the more clearly recognized student leaders described above, there is another level of student leader here at Worcester Academy – these are the quiet, understated, behind the scenes leaders who flourish at the grassroots level where the every day energy and excitement of the school day resides. These leaders are evident in our Clubs (of which there are over 50), in the project-based learning initiatives in the classroom, in chorus and the orchestra with the various section leaders, in the theatre program with the set, costume, sound and house managers, and in the ad hoc student committees working on policy changes. It’s in these places where (as with the official student leaders) the components of leadership are being shaped and experienced by any student who wishes to participate.
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