Outside the Classroom

You name it: We’ve got it. (And if we don’t, you can start it!) If you’re looking for a way to explore something that you’re curious about or the perfect place to pursue a real passion, Worcester Academy is the place for you. Our broad range of co-curricular activities, our community service opportunities, our robust athletic teams and our infinite arts offerings all serve to energize your personal growth and prepare you to take on the leadership roles that will come your way later in life. This is where you’ll practice communicating. This is where you’ll learn to be a leader.

Student Leadership

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  • Class Officers

    With help from our Board of Monitors, each of our classes elect officers every year - President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. These student leaders work closely with their class dean to foster community among their classmates. Your class leaders (maybe even you!) will run weekly class meetings, organize events and activities, and plan fundraisers. The class unity created by our class officers is vital to our Hilltopper spirit.
  • Dorm Proctors

    Proctors are student leaders within our residential boarding community. Three or four proctors are chosen per dorm through a competitive process. In order to become a proctor you must be considered a leader for your scholarship and your citizenship. Proctors are assigned to specific dormitories and work with both students and faculty to create an effective and vibrant living environment with clear channels of communication between boarders and the residential faculty. Proctors also work closely with the Board of Monitors, Pillars, and the Residential Student Association to discuss general student issues and concerns.
  • Head Ambassadors

    Ambassadors play an important role in welcoming prospective students and their families to our campus and orienting them to our vibrant community. Through our Admissions Office, Ambassadors also represent the Academy at special events and functions. Our Head Ambassadors have the responsibility of organizing and running this very important program. Are you an organized person with great people skills? Maybe a Head Ambassador role is in your future.
  • Pillars Peer Educators

    The Pillars Peer Educator program is built on the combined foundations of our Academy mission statement and our core values of Honor, Respect, Community, Personal Growth, and Challenge. Through great educational forums, our Pillars teach their fellow Hilltoppers about making good choices. Pillars also play a significant role in orienting our new students and supporting their smooth transition into the Worcester Academy community.
  • Residential Student Association

    The RSA consists of a group of students chosen by their fellow boarders to be liaisons between the students and adults in the boarding community. They meet regularly with the Director of Residential Life to propose, plan and develop initiatives, outings and other activities that foster unity within the residential community.
  • The Board of Monitors

    Monitors embody the highest level of student leadership at Worcester Academy. Our Board of Monitors (BOM), founded in 1886 and elected each year by our student body, consists of conscientious and dedicated students who serve our community and uphold our long-standing traditions. During the academic year, the BOM works closely with both students and faculty to ensure that Academy life runs smoothly and includes all of those things necessary to make a full experience for all students. Elected offices include Head Monitor, Second Monitor, Sergeant at Arms, Master Prefect, Treasurer, Oversight Monitor, and International Monitor.
  • Varsity Club Officers

    Varsity Club officers work closely with the Director of Athletics and support various Athletic Department endeavors, including an Annual Blood Drive and a Varsity Club Dinner. Varsity Club officers are elected by their peers.  All Varsity letter winners from the rising junior class are eligible to be elected and all returning letter winners are eligible to vote.


Open Studio
If you just can’t get enough of our extensive Arts offerings during class time, by all means take advantage of Open Studio. And by “Open”, we really mean OPEN! Pick whatever area of concentration you’re interested in and receive expert guidance in Drawing, Mixed Media, Photoshop, Architecture, 2D Design, Ceramics, Paining, Printmaking, Sculpture, Interior Design, Collage, or 3D Design. That just-about covers it!

Theatrical Performances
Every term, there’s a new production to add your talents to. Last Fall’s staging of Shakespeare’s timeless classic Romeo & Juliet was a hit! But we don’t stop at the classics. Recently, students actually collaborated with a New York City playwright to write and ultimately produce a world premier right here on campus. The Spring musical, where all of Arts endeavors come together, always spotlights the talents of our actors, musicians and artists. There’s room here for more!

Upper School Sports

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  • Baseball

    America’s game. Strategy, perseverance, patience. 3 Teams: Varsity, JV & Middle School.
  • Basketball

    Basketball is truly storied at Worcester Academy. We have a deep and significant basketball history and our teams consistently live up to that legacy. Our basketball program has sent many, many alums off to successful playing and coaching careers, including:

    • Rick Carlisle ’79, former NBA player, current coach of the 2011 NBA champion Dallas Mavericks,
    • Donnie Nelson ’82, former NBA and international basketball coach, current President & GM of Dallas Mavericks basketball operations
    • Mike Malone ’89, Head Coach, Sacramento Kings
    • Mo Cassara ’93, former Head Basketball Coach, Hofstra University, current ESPNU, ESPN3 Analyst
    We field 7 Basketball teams: Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity, Boys’ & Girls’ JV, a Boys’ Freshman Team, and Boys’ & Girls’ Middle School.
  • Crew

    It’s been said that rowers do more by 8AM than most people do all day. Although our crew team – Co-ed Varsity – doesn’t practice in the early hours of the morning, they are a definitely a diligent group. Our home “court” is the famous rowing potion of Worcester’s Lake Quinsigamond, where the highly competitive Eastern Sprints are held every year. A quick 10 minutes from campus, we’re always ready for Spring.
  • Cross Country

    Running is a life-long sport and, many feel, a road to self-reliance. We field four competitive and consistent Cross Country teams: Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity, and Boys’ and Girls’ Middle School. Find yourself on the path.
  • Field Hockey

    Anyone who thinks that there is no power in Field Hockey has never been on the receiving end of a shot-on-goal. The players on our three field hockey teams – Girls’ Varsity, JV, and Middle School – know this is true. Our girls find their confidence, poise-under-pressure, and power on the field.
  • Football

    American football was in its infancy in 1896 when Worcester Academy began to play the game and, in keeping with our long history of diversity, one of that team’s co-captains was John Holmes, an African American. Since that time, our program has groomed a plethora NCAA and NFL players and coaches, including current Miami Dolphins coach, Joe Philbin ’80. We currently field 3 teams: varsity, junior varsity and a middle school team.
  • Golf

    Co-Ed Varsity.

    “Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots - but you have to play the ball where it lies.”
    - Bobby Jones
  • Ice Hockey

    Speed. Excitement. Hard work. Pride. These are the foremost attributes of our Ice Hockey players. We offer both Boys’ and Girls’ Ice Hockey – teams filled with players who play who keep Ray Bourque’s words in mind: “Goals live on the other side of obstacles and challenges. Be relentless in pursuit of those goals, especially in the face of obstacles. Along the way, make no excuses and place no blame.”
  • Lacrosse

    The fastest game on two feet, Worcester Academy fields 6 Lacrosse teams: Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity, Boys’ & Girls’ JV, and Boys’ & Girls’ Middle School.
  • Skiing

    With Wachusett Mountain under a half hour away, our Co-Ed Ski Team has the benefit of regular practice and a “home mountain”. Join us on the slopes.
  • Soccer

    Soccer is truly an international game and that fact is reflected in the participation and composition of our teams. We field 6 soccer teams: Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity, Boys’ & Girls’ JV, and Boys’ & Girls’ Middle School. Our always-competitive Varsity Girls are usually in contention for the NEPSAC Class A Championship and were named ESPN’s 2012 #1 girls prep soccer program in the nation! Our Boys’ Varsity Team is no less accomplished, sending grads off to highly competitive universities each year – University of Chicago, Bucknell University, Williams College, and Trinity College to name a few.
  • Softball

    There is absolutely nothing “soft” about it! Our girls play hard and persevere! 3 Teams: Varsity, JV and Middle School
  • Swimming

    Concentration. Body confidence. Competitive spirit. Six Swim Teams: Boys’ Varsity & JV, Girls’ Varsity & JV, and Boys’ and Girls’ Middle School.
  • Tennis

    A game that requires not only great physical strength, but equal mental agility, Worcester Academy has two teams, Boys’ & Girls’ Varsity.
  • Track & Field

    Our Track & Field athletes exercise not only their bodies, but their mental will. We offer Varsity Boys’ & Girls’ and Middle School teams.
  • Volleyball

    Volleyball, it’s said, is a game invented by men but perfected by women. Our Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Team plays with perfection in mind every Fall.
  • Wrestling

    Dan Gable, American wrestler & coach summed it up: “More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill - none have wrestled without pride.” 3 Teams: Varsity, JV & Middle School.

Clubs & Service Opportunities

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  • Afternoon Tunes

    Afternoon Tunes provide music lessons to children that would otherwise be unable to afford instruments and classes. We provide more than music: We serve as mentors to each child we instruct.
  • Allies & Activists

  • Big Brother/Big Sister Program

    As Big Brothers and Big Sisters, we reach out to children in need in our broader community. It’s our goal to demonstrate leadership and to role model qualities to these youngsters and, in the process, become more responsible, well-rounded members of the Worcester community.
  • Book Club

    Discussion makes reading a little more fun for everyone! Our book choices are student-
    driven and are usually ones that would not be assigned in class. Our meetings are lively and fun!
  • Business & Investment Club

    Our Business and Investment Club provides real world experience for students interested in business and investment management. We achieve this through real world practices, including trading on the NYSE and students creating their own start-up companies.
  • Chess Club

    Have you ever thought about learning the game of kings? Are you already an ace? No matter – the Chess Club will bring students of similar ability to play, challenge, strategize, and improve.
  • Chinese Culture Club

    The Chinese Culture Club exposes all of our students to the deep history and many facets of China. Are you interested in exploring one of the world’s oldest and broadest cultures? Join us!
  • Classics Club

    The ancient Greeks and Romans have been teaching us lessons for over two millennia. Don’t leave all this knowledge to the Latin students! Our Classics Club will give you plenty to think about and plenty of information about how these wonderful cultures are relevant to this very day.
  • Computer Science Club

    Do you love technology? So do we! Get together with other interested students to discuss and work with computer technologies. We even get competitive and take our ideas to competition!
  • Contemporary Instrumental Music Club

    We are a student-driven instrumental ensemble and we learn and perform musical pieces for performance.
  • Debate Club

    Mahatma Ghandi said that “Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.” We couldn’t agree more! The process of debate offers profound and lasting benefits. Critical thinking, effective communication, independent research and teamwork are just a few of the skills that will serve you as you grow. Once you’ve learned to debate, you’ll be better able to critically examine the pronouncements of your political representatives and to make informed judgments about crucial issues.
  • Destination Imagination Club

    Our Destination Imagination Club encourages teams of learners to have fun, take risks, focus, and frame challenges while incorporating STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), the arts, and service learning. Our members learn patience, flexibility, persistence, ethics, respect for others and their ideas, and the collaborative problem solving process. Teams may showcase their solutions at a tournament.
  • Digital Media Club

    Would you like to share your interest and passion for photography and photoshop with other students at WA? We hope so! Our club will bring interested students together to share and learn techniques with one another. We’ll apply our knowledge to help our school in all areas related to school publications, websites, and events.
  • EightyONEnineteen Connect Club

    Contact between generations is important. Our club forms intergenerational connections with the community and form stronger connections with places outside of Worcester Academy. We make things and pay visits to brighten up days for people at nursing homes.
  • French Club

    Who doesn’t love French language and culture? If you want to learn and experience more about this fascinating country, rejoignez-nous!
  • Gay Straight Alliance

    Our club expands knowledge and raises awareness of the various issues that surround the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender community. We also provides a safe space to discuss these topics.
  • Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity promotes the need for affordable housing in Worcester and around the world. Our club raises awareness about Habitat for Humanity’s important mission and provides opportunities to students to volunteer building and renovating homes in our neighborhood and raise funds for Habitat projects.
  • Hillpoppas a cappella

    Hillpoppas delve into the world of pop a cappella, explore passions, develop singers, and encourage musical creativity. We perform regularly at school events and beyond. Raise your voice!
  • Innovation Club

    The Innovation Club is a year-long extracurricular activity that tackles problem solving and innovation in the realm of both inventions and ideas. Innovation Club members conduct their own independent research in their own field of interest and then develop a project (physical or paper-based) supporting the knowledge they’ve gained.
  • Japanese Animation Club

    Do you love the fabulous artwork and beautiful music of Japanese Amination? So do we! Our club members will watch Japanese animation, draw comics and illustrations on paper and on the computer using Photoshop, SAI and even ComicStudio, and participate in a final show for the entire school. Since Boston hosts Comic-Con every year, our club will represent WA and join in the event.
  • Jimmy Fund Club

    Our Jimmy Fund Club brings together students who have a common interest in raising money for cancer research via TEAM WA, the Jimmy Fund, and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. We are especially interested in raising awareness of cancers that affect teens and young adults. Our premier fundraising effort is the sponsorship of TEAM WA, the Worcester Academy team in the annual Pan-Mass Challenge, a major bicycle fundraiser for the Jimmy Fund.
  • Korean Culture Club

    Our Korean Culture Club educates non-Korean students about the Korean culture. We introduce our members to the Korean alphabet and phrases, Korean cooking, current issues important to Korean people, and the visual and performing arts popular in Korea today.
  • Lance Literary Magazine

    The award-winning Lance is Worcester Academy’s literary magazine. The goal of LANCE is to encourage creativity of written expression and design by displaying works of art, poetry, prose fiction, and nonfiction prose through this annual publication. Students, faculty, and staff who submit pieces can actively become part of the publication process by reviewing the works of their peers. All members of the Worcester Academy community are encouraged to contribute to LANCE to showcase their talents in a public forum devoted to artistic self-expression and effort.
  • Math Lab (peer tutoring)

    Are you a skilled mathematician ready and willing to impart your knowledge to a classmate or a younger student? This is the club for you.
  • Math Team

    Our Math Team rocks! Last year’s team won both State and New England championships, adding more accolades to an already illustrious record. As a matter of fact, in the past ten years Worcester Academy has won the state championship seven times and the New England championship four times (and been New England runner-up an additional four times). Worried that you won’t make the team? Don’t be! All students are accepted onto the team with only one requirement: That you work to get better. Our team is definitely well-placed for another championship run this year and beyond. We’d love to have you join us!
  • Medical Explorers Club

    Medical Explorers fosters an open environment where students can feel comfortable
    exploring the many opportunities in the medical field. Club members are exposed to a
    variety of medical professions and activities where they are encouraged to participate as much or as little as they want. Our goal is to pique the interest of students who are unsure of pursuing a career in medicine and to reinforce those who are already considering that path.
  • Model United Nations

    Our Model U.N. attends various summits throughout the year. Through intensive research, we represent countries on various councils of the UN such as the General Assembly, the Committee on Human Rights, and the Security Council. It is a wonderful opportunity to hone our debate and negotiation skills, while discussing solutions to problems the real U.N. faces on a daily basis.
  • Newman Society

    The Newman Society performs community service and supports local service organizations. The club’s motto, Humanitas et caritas (culture and charity), sums up its mission to the families who live on this hilltop.
  • OskeeVision Broadcast Club

    Interested in broadcasting?  Join us! OskeeVision gives you the opportunity to write, produce, film, announce and broadcast Worcester Academy events. Whether you want to be in front of or behind the camera, OskeeVision is for you!
  • Outreach UMass Club

    Our Outreach UMass Club help to make patients at UMass, especially the children, feel as if they are not struggling daily. We help by providing toys, books, arts and crafts, which we collect and donate. Feel good about yourself and join us!
  • Peer Editing

  • Philosophical Club

    The primary goal of the Philosophical Films club is to expose members to thought-provoking works of cinema. After viewing a film, club members discuss the philosophical themes within the work in an open, conversational format. Film is an excellent medium for the exploration of abstract ideas, and is often able to engage those who might not necessarily pick up a philosophical text of their own volition.
  • Politics Club

    The Politics Club brings together students who are interested in government, political issues, and discussing political problems. We use discussion to help us better understand politics, democracy and American government, making us all better citizens. Over the past several years our club has sponsored debates on topics such as health care and affirmative action. We’ve also sponsored guest lecturers, and screened films like “Frost/Nixon” and “Argo.” We also play an important role in the success of our school-wide Elections Festival.
  • Robotics Team

    If you’re interested in engineering, programming, gaming, graphic design, or just having an incredibly fun time, Robotics is for you! Our robotics team participates in competitive build competitions. Want to think outside the box? Join us!
  • Sabermetrics Club

    Statistics are crucial to the development – and the true understanding – of sports. Our Sabermetrics Club analyzes sports statistics – mainly in baseball – and discusses and debates various topics related to that sports-statistics link.
  • Science Team

    Members work on relevant science projects.
  • Slacklining Club

    The Slacklining Cub has brought a new sport to the Worcester Academy Quad! Join us for a new experience.
  • Spanish Club

    Our Spanish Club promotes Spanish/Latin American culture among the student body. Join us! Estamos llenos de vida!
    Read More
  • Stomp the Quad (Dance)

    Do you like to move? Our Dance Team will teach you the basics of modern urban and hip hop choreography. Do you like to perform? We’ll showcase our dance craft out in the community!
  • SuperFans

    We are a group of students dedicated to supporting our peers in all extracurricular arenas! We work to increase school spirit and community by attending games, concerts, recitals, and performances.
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club

    We play ultimate Frisbee and foster an interest in the game throughout the Worcester Academy community.
  • Virgonia

    The Vigornia is Worcester Academy’s student-run newspaper. We keep our entire community entertained and informed with publications twice a month. Our writers and photographers gain valuable journalistic skills as they learn how to conduct interviews and write about a wide variety of topics.
  • We Give Back Club

    We Give Back is a club committed to service in the Worcester community. We design and implement service projects and activities in the area.
  • Why Me Club

    The Why Me Club raises awareness of the Why Me organization, a charity that provides services for the families of children affected by cancer. We intend to help the charity through fundraising and volunteer work. Why Me offers many volunteer opportunities throughout the year.
  • Wilderness Club

    As a Wilderness Club member, you’ll get outside, get active, and find adventure! It’s the adventure of beholding new and inspiring landscape…The adventure of undertaking and accomplishing set challenges as a community…The adventure of learning about and tracing ecological processes. These are the types of adventure that can invigorate you, inspire you to lead, and provide you with a sense of connectedness to classmates as well as the natural world around you.
  • World Languages & Cultures Club

    Our World Languages & Cultures Club fosters understanding of and respect for all of the different cultures on the WA campus and beyond. We plan and organize the annual school-wide International Assembly in the spring.
  • Yearbook

    Our yearbook, The Towers, is not only very important to our senior class members, but in a school that is almost 180 years old, it’s also a crucial historical document. Do you want to be part of that history? Our yearbook committee members learn editing, layout, graphic design, and more.
  • Yoga Club

    Stretch! Meditate! Know yourself! Get involved in a physical activity that releases stress in a social setting.
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