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Curiosity. More than anything else, those “middle years” are full of curiosity. For that inquisitive mind, stellar academics are only a piece of the puzzle. You’ll also need to find the right place for your middler to freely explore an interest or pursue a real passion. Worcester Academy is that place. Our broad range of co-curricular activities, our community service opportunities, our robust athletic teams and our exceptional arts offerings all serve to energize our middlers’ personal growth and to prepare them to take on the leadership roles that will come their way later in life. This is where they’ll practice communicating. This is where they’ll learn to lead.

Student Government Opportunities

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  • Board of Monitors

    Monitors embody the highest level of student leadership at Worcester Academy. Our Board of Monitors (BOM), founded in 1886 and elected each year by our student body, consists of conscientious and dedicated students who serve our community and uphold our long-standing traditions. During the academic year, the BOM works closely with both students and faculty to ensure that Academy life runs smoothly and includes all of those things necessary to make a full experience for all students. In 2012, the first 4 Middle School students were 'tapped' into the Board by the other 7 Upper School BOM members.
  • Pillars Peer Educators

    The Pillars Peer Educator program is built on the combined foundations of our Academy mission statement and our core values of Honor, Respect, Community, Personal Growth, and Challenge. Through great educational forums, our Pillars teach their fellow Hilltoppers about making good choices. Pillars also play a significant role in orienting our new students and supporting their smooth transition into the Worcester Academy community.
  • Ambassadors

    Working closely with the Middle School Admissions Director, our Middle School Ambassadors play an important role in welcoming prospective students and their families to our campus and orienting them to our vibrant community. Middler Ambassadors also sometimes represent the Academy at special events and functions.


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  • Bell Choir

    This club provides an opportunity for students to learn the handbells in an ensemble setting.  Students are also introduced to the fundamentals of music composition and  they are invited to begin crafting their own compositions.
  • Computer Programming/Scratch

    Scratch is a great tool developed by the MIT Media Lab. It allows even novices as young as 8 years old to learn programming. Explore computer programming in this exciting interactive environment where you can create games, stories, and more. We’ll meet once a week to learn new techniques for programming but most of the time will be spent working on projects and problem solving with other students. No programming experience necessary! Scratch was created to be easily accessible to all ages and all ages love it!
  • Geography Bee

    The National Geographic Society is an institution very close to Worcester Academy’s heart. That’s because National Geographic’s founding editor, Gilbert Grosvenor, was a Worcester Academy alum. Our Geography Bee Club members learn about the world geography as preparation for a school Geography Bee in January. The winner will go on to represent Worcester Academy in local competitions that lead to National Geographic’s Geo Bee.
  • Math Team

    Our Middle School Math Team can’t be beat – and that’s not just bragging! Last year’s team picked up the 1st Math League of Eastern Mass) meet in January. In addition to placing first overall at the meet, Worcester Academy also picked up all three top scorer awards and had the only student at the meet to receive a perfect score. Add your middler’s skill to this talented team!
  • Open Art Studio

    Art Open Studio offers middlers the time and space to pursue whatever creative projects interest them. Work with any of the art materials found at school – pencil, marker, crayon, acrylics, watercolor, scratchboard, oil, chalk pastel, fabric, clay – you name it! Is there a craft kit gathering dust at home that you’d really like to try? Bring it in and we’ll get you started!
  • Sailing

    With Lake Quinsigamond a mere 10 minutes from campus, Sailing Club is a natural. Our middlers learn the basics of seamanship and, of course, expert knot-tying!
  • Synergy Diversity Club

    Synergy Club invites students to connect with one another around issues of diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism.  Synergy is a safe and welcoming space where students can explore the commonalities and differences that unite us as a community.
  • Ultimate Frisbee

    A new club that formed based on a strong student interest in Ultimate Frisbee.  Students will learn the basics of the game and quickly move into opportunities for spirited competition.
  • Yearbook

    Our Middle School yearbook is a very important document for those students who are moving up! Club members learn editing, layout, graphic design, and more.


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  • Baseball

    America’s game. Strategy, perseverance, patience. Our Middle School boys field
    a competitive baseball team which plays at Worcester Academy’s New Balance
    Fields, a short bus ride from campus.
  • Basketball

    Our boys’ and girls’ middler basketball teams practice and play during winter term, preparing our players for the ranks on our storied upper school basketball teams.
  • Cross Country

    Running is a life-long sport and, many feel, a road to self-reliance. Middler Boys and Girls both compete on our Middle School cross country teams.
  • Field Hockey

    Anyone who thinks that there is no power in Field Hockey has never been on the receiving end of a shot-on-goal. Our middler girls find their confidence, poise- under-pressure, and power on the field.
  • Flag Football

    Flag football is a great opportunity for students to learn about the game of football through a fast paced 7 v 7 format.  Flag football is open to both male and female students and no experience is necessary.
  • Lacrosse

    The fastest game on two feet, we field both girls’ and boys’ teams, available each Spring Term.
  • Soccer

    Truly an international game, Soccer is an immensely popular sport for both our middler boys and girls.
  • Softball

    There is absolutely nothing “soft” about it! Our girls play hard and persevere! Our Middle School girls field a competitive softball team which plays at Worcester Academy’s New Balance Fields, a short bus ride from campus.
  • Swimming

    Concentration. Body confidence. Competitive spirit. Our boys and girls swim right here in our own pool during winter term.
  • Track & Field

    A very popular sport for both our boys and our girls, middlers compete in track & field events at our Gaskill Fields each Spring, exercising not only their bodies, but their mental will.
  • Wrestling

    Dan Gable, American wrestler & coach summed it up: “More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill – none have wrestled without pride.” Our Middle School wrestlers learn that pride right here during winter term.
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