How do you develop the clear sense of purpose and the strong work ethic that you need to be successful in college and beyond? The secret is in finding what it is that makes you tick: those topics and activities that create passion in you.

We start helping you to be that person in our Middle School where we emphasize collaboration and creativity. With a strong academic base and an abundance of leadership and co-curricular options, we’ll guide you to think critically, act thoughtfully, be confident in your choices, and respect the opinions of others.

You’ll continue to grow in our Upper School where your options for exploration – your opportunities to find that passion – will explode! Whether it’s our nationally recognized Math Team, our top-ranked Model U.N. Club, or one of a myriad of other opportunities, we’ll give you the options and the direction you need to find that passion.

Upper School Academic Departments

Middle School Academic Departments

"The greatest lesson I took from my Worcester academy education was simply this: I learned how to learn. Every day since - including throughout my college career and beyond, in my personal and professional life and among the many volunteer activities I've had since graduating – I’ve used this one simple lesson in my life. A body of knowledge is important. Skills matter greatly. But, to learn how to learn, how to teach oneself what we don't know and seek out information from the best, most appropriate sources, analyze that information and apply it effectively, that is what makes someone a great student. A student not just of academics, but of life. That is achieving the honorable."
– Jennifer M. Class of '88
WORCESTER ACADEMY® is a co-ed day and boarding school for grades 6 to 12 and postgraduates. Our urban setting, diverse community, and innovative curriculum provide each student with unique opportunities for self-discovery, academic achievement, and personal empowerment.

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