Class of 2020

WA Graduation 2020

Congratulations to WA's Class of 2020!

Whether in the classroom, at home, on a stage, in a studio, volunteering your service to the Worcester community or your own, musically, visually, or on the court/field/ice/track/in the pool—we are so proud of the many accomplishments and talents of this class.  We will miss all of you as you move on from the Hilltop but we are so excited for your future. We look forward to watching as you go out into the world and continue to Achieve the Honorable.
Click the link above to see our Class of 2020 College Decisions video. This video was completely student–produced by Worcester Academy's Class of 2020 Alumni Transition Team. Thank you for all of your hard work to make this happen!

Class of 2020 Alumni Transition Team: Sophia Brady, Lucas LaRoche, Ulisses Pereira, Elianna Rodriguez, Gege "Gloria" Xue, and Jiajia, "Jessica" Zhuo.

Class of 2020 Graduates

Best Wishes from WA Alumni

Alumni Words of Support to the Class of 2020

Audio Message from H. Jon Benjamin '84

Actor/comedian H. Jon Benjamin '84 (Archer, Bob's Burgers) has sent in a congratulations message for the Class of 2020!